Monday, September 13, 2010

Opening up to open ended adventure

"Exploration really is the essence of the human spirit, and to pause, to falter, to turn our back on the quest for knowledge, is to perish." - Frank Borman, Apollo 8 Astronaut

It's been too long since I updated this, I'm going to try to keep on it and update things every 3-4 days max! Once I start traveling it will be loaded with fantastic pictures as well to make you all jealous, stuck in classrooms and offices, lucky you!

While reading on the other day I stumbled across a post by somebody essentially promoting their own blog, a compilation of travel knowledge and stories from 24 years of meandering around the world, working as little as possible and traveling as much as possible, for as cheaply as possible.  His site, and he has a pretty interesting philosophy.  It has definitely given me some things to think about in planning, or not planning as the case may be, my own adventure.  While there are certainly sites I want to see, and ways I have read to get there - I don't think I'm quite ready to be hitchhiking across a country and continent which is completely new to me, unlike thedromomaniac - I will probably take an even more relaxed approach to it all...

Seeing though as I really have no plans for the future at this point, other than those which have basically been laid out below, I have decided to buy a one way ticket to Bangkok, leaving Vancouver, BC.  At $540 on Air China, I'd be willing to bet I could get there a little cheaper, but being a novice traveler I don't yet know how.  I'll also need to book a cheap ticket somewhere out of Bangkok to make Thai immigration officials happy, so maybe I'll end up flying to HCMC after all?  It is less than $60 on AirAsia one way, and Vietnamese immigration apparently doesn't care about a proven onward travel plan.  So skipping Cambodia for now, and maybe spending a bit longer in Thailand to begin with is the new plan. 

Looking more at things to do and people who will be in Thailand at the same time (people from it seems like it would be incredibly fun, and fairly cheap, to stay there for 10 to 14 days and have a blast.  Full moon beach party on Koh Phangan?  Couchsurfing in Phuket? So many fun things to do, so little time!

I'll figure it all out of course, and keep updating this thing for all you wonderful fans of mine to read! :P


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